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What is Yoga Therapy 

Yoga therapy is an integrated mind-body approach for restoring balance

and adaptive functioning to the physical (musculoskeletal),

physiological (digestion, respiration, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune),

and mental / emotional systems.

Yoga therapy may be used to:

  • reduce symptoms of illness or injury

  • establish more functional breath and movement patterns

  • reduce physical and mental suffering

  • improve quality of life

What can I expect from a Yoga Therapy session?

Your session will most likely include an in-depth interview about you

and any issues and concerns you have together with an assessment on how you move and breathe.


Your yoga therapist will wish to find out as much information as they can

so they can then tailor a personal yoga practice for you.


All information is highly confidential and your therapist will aim to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Your personalised yoga practice may include some asana (movement), pranayama (breathing techniques),

meditation or sound techniques such as chanting as well as restorative practices.

Your yoga therapist will ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the practices before you leave the session.

How many yoga therapy sessions will I need?

This will be discussed with your therapist depending on how you feel after practising the tailored yoga programme at home.

Any follow up sessions will add or change practices so they meet your needs and address the concerns raised.

It is generally accepted that several sessions will be most beneficial.

Do I need a medical referral?

No, you do not.

However, please do check with your doctor if you are unsure if you should attend a yoga therapy session.

Your yoga therapist should also ensure that you seek medical advice if deemed necessary for your well being.


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